The prompt editor window enables the SDS designer to add new phrases and compose a prompt for a state by selecting one or more phrases or named sets of indexed phrases and storing them.

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A Kinds and Ids
Here the Kinds which are specified at B are shown with their sub-sumed Ids. Clicking on (All) will show all specified phrases in the C pane. Clicking on one of the Kinds or Ids will at C show only the phrases related to the selected Kind or Id.
B Create, store and delete phrases
Clicking the New button enables one to enter a new phrase in the field to the right. When one subsequently clicks on Store the phrase is stored and shown in the pane at C. Delete will delete the phrase shown in the field to the right. A new phrase must have a name (an Id) and should have a type name (Kind). The type name makes it possible to group phrases together which somehow belong together.
C Phrases
This pane shows either all specified phrases (if (All) is selected at A) or the phrases belonging to the Kind or Id selected at A. Double-clicking a phrase will cause it to show up at E.
D Prompt condition
Here a condition on the prompt being put together at E may be entered.
E Create prompts
A phrase which has been double-clicked in pane C will appear here. A prompt may be constructed from one or several phrases. Clicking New below E will clear the prompt phrases pane at E.
F Store and delete prompts
Store will save the prompt specified at E and show it in the pane at F. Delete will remove a stored prompt from the F pane.