Dear Reader

Spoken dialogue is today a serious option for interaction between humans and computers, but there are also still many interesting and open research challenges waiting to be addressed.

On these pages you can find notes on Danish sites working with aspects of spoken dialogue systems and a list describing commercial dialogue applications in use in Denmark. The list is hardly complete, so if you are aware of systems that might be of interest here, please contact us.

This web site also addresses various research topics within the area of spoken dialogue systems. These topics are a selection of what we ourselves have been or still are working with. We hope to add more little by little.

Moreover, we have included references both in terms of our own publications as well as in terms of references to other literature, and a dictionary containing explanations of terms related to spoken dialogue systems and including a Danish translation of each term.


2006-10-10: Old Danish tale about dialogue construction adde.
2005-12-04: A few publication updates.
2005-10-30: Added comments on Grice paper by Bethan Davies. Added several pdf files to our publication list, in particular to the proceedings section.
2005-10-24: Added three new books [Kotelly 2003, Cohen et al. 2004, Delgado and Araki 2005], the two first including notes.
2005-08-28: DialogDesigner, a tool for design and test.
2005-08-02: List of Danish sites working with speech and spoken dialogue.
2005-08-01: List of Danish commercial spoken dialogue applications..
2005-07-01: First version of this site.