Commercial Danish telephone-based dialogue applications

DeveloperProlog Development Center A/S and NISLab Answers to frequently asked questions about holiday allowance
Running atFerieKonto
Phone number+45 48 20 49 10 #4
Traffic informationDescription
DeveloperProlog Development Center A/S Traffic information, in particular about Motorring 3 which is a motorway in the Copenhagen area that is being extended
Running atVejdirektoratet (Danish Road Directorate)
Phone number+45 18 88
DeveloperProlog Development Center A/S The system redirects calls to the person or functional unit asked for. If you want to call the system you may e.g. ask for Hans Dybkjær, Henriette Ravn Jørgensen, or Ulla Dinesen
Running atProlog Development Center A/S and some other organisations
Phone number+45 36 36 00 02
Phone call informationDescription
DeveloperTDC Information about country codes, price per minute for calls to another country, times in other countries, etc.
Running atTDC
Phone number+45 80 60 40 55
Phone number informationDescription
DeveloperTDC Repetition of or redirection to a phone number provided by a human operator.
Running atTDC
Phone number+45 118
Yellow pagesDescription
DeveloperTDC The caller chooses between company and private person and provides company/family name, city name and street name to get the phone number for the company/person.
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Pbone number+45 18 11
Flight informationDescription
DeveloperScandinavian IT Group Information about flight departures and arrivals and timetables.
Running atSAS
Phone number+45 70 10 20 00 #2
Speech-enabled check-inDescription
DeveloperScandinavian IT Group Check-in on certain SAS flights via mobile phone. One must register to get a phone number.
Running atSAS
Phone numberSee description
Ferry systemDescription
DeveloperScandinavian IT Group Timetable information and ferry reservation.
Running atMols-Linien
Phone number+45 70 10 14 18