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My interests include spoken dialogue modelling and tools and software engineering..

I'm a computer scientist by education. I've done research in category theory and programming while taking a PhD, and after that in HCI in the form of design and evaluation of spoken dialogue systems. I still do research in spoken dialogue systems, but since 1997 my main occupation has been systems development at Prolog Development Center A/S.

Somewhat irrelevantly my Erdos number can be said to be 3, via:

  1. Paul Erdös, Marcel Erné: Clique numbers of graphs. In Discrete Math. 59, 235-242 (1986).
  2. Marcel Erné, Jürgen Koslowski, Austin Melton, George Strecker: A primer on Galois connections. In: S. Andima et. al. (eds.): Papers on General Topology and Applications. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 704, 1993, pp. 103-125.
  3. Hans Dybkjær, Austin Melton: Comparing Hagino's Categorical Programming Language and Typed lambda-Calculi. Theor. Comput. Sci. 111(1&2): 145-189 (1993)
which means that Laila's number is at most 4. Surprisingly low numbers for people in the profession of spoken dialogue systems.