A dialogue example

A dialogue from the user test of the Danish Dialogue System (translated from the Danish [Bernsen et al. 1998b]). The user interacts with the system for the first time. Turn numbers refer to the transcription of the dialogue with subject (or user) number 13 [Dybkjær et al. 1996m]. For ease of reference the turns are sub-divided into utterance units. For instance, “S1” is the first system turn which consists of two utterance units (S1a) and (S1b), and the user’s answer is turn “U1” which consists of one utterance unit (U1a).

S1aHello, this is the DanLuft reservation system.
bDo you know this system?
U1aNope, I don’t. No.
S2aThe system can reserve tickets for Danish domestic flights. You use it by answering the system’s questions. In addition you may use the two special commands repeat and change to have the most recent information repeated or corrected. The system will only understand you when you answer its questions briefly and one at a time.
bPlease state your customer number.
U2aThe customer number is 4.
S3aCustomer number 4.
bHow many persons will travel?
U3aTwo persons, one adult and one child.
S4aOne person.
bPlease state the id-number of the person.
U4aIt was not one person, it was two persons, one adult and one child.
S5aId-number 1, Jens Hansen.
bWhere does the journey start?
S6aFirst person, id-number 1.
bIs that correct?
U6aNo, id-number 4.
S7aId-number 4, Marie Hansen.
bWhere does the journey start?
U7aFrom Copenhagen.
S8aFrom Copenhagen.
bWhere does the journey end?
S9aTo Karup.
bDo you want a return ticket?
U9aNo thanks.
S10aOn which date will the journey start?
U10aThe 11th of February.
S11aSaturday the 11th of February.
bAt which time?
U11aAround noon.
bI did not understand.
U12aAround noon, 11:50.
bYou have now booked one ticket for id-number 4, Marie Hansen, from Copenhagen to Karup on Saturday the 11th of February at 11:50. Your reference number is 49.
cThe total price is 680 kroner.
dThe ticket will be available at check-in desk number 19 in the airport. Tickets must be picked up at the latest 20 minutes before departure.
eDo you want more?
U13aYes, please. I would like to book a similar ticket for one person.
S14aCustomer number 4.
bIs that correct?
S15aHow many persons will travel?
U15aOne person.
••• (The user now books a ticket for the second person).